Explore the standout features of Documotor, setting us apart in the document automation landscape. With an emphasis on simplicity and flexibility, our platform is designed for easy implementation and maintenance. Minimize risk and maximize efficiency in your document workflows, distinguishing your organization from the competition with Documotor's streamlined solutions.

Templates built in Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office)

Automate documents designed in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Use your existing content and start tagging for full automation immediately. Maintain look and feel in familiar surroundings.
If you can create your output in Microsoft 365, so can DocuMotor. If you cannot, our design partners can help you get to the finish line.

Transform data to fit your template

We provide a built-in transformation of data to ensure that any structure of data can be used to generate documents.
Filtering, grouping, formatting, you name it. No need to involve busy developers for data changes in templates and no need to adjust anything in your current infrastructure.

Dynamic fields, repeaters, images, charts, tables, and more

Highly flexible bindings exist for almost any kind of data insertion inside your templates. Automatically cropping images, repeating rows in a table, or dynamically updating charts with new series or colors based on your data.

Insert and automatically format Rich Text HTML to fit the design of the template

Structured Rich Text is converted to the right styles to fit all your templates. You control the formatting using native Microsoft 365 styles, and we ensure to translate HTML to on-brand and compliant Microsoft 365 format or PDF inside designated placeholders.

Intuitive editor, preview adjustments directly in the browser

Create, edit, or delete bindings inside your existing documents directly from your browser.
Documotor contains a live preview of your automated document based on sample data, so you always know what the end result will look like.

Reusable components like text elements or slides

Reusing components such as layouts, disclaimers, or descriptions across multiple templates is fully supported. Nesting templates in templates and passing down data ensures high flexibility and maintainability when breaking down a high number of similar templates into reusable blocks.
Store components in services such as SharePoint, Documotor, Templafy, or your favorite document management system.

Merge, embed, and attach documents from your systems

Bring attachments directly into designated placeholders inside your templates. Merge existing documents or slides from your system into dynamic templates with ease. Use this technology to lower your maintenance tasks by not having to do multiple updates to your content that’s used across multiple documents.

Export as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF

Our templates and outputs are native Word/PowerPoint/Excel formats. No need for a bad-quality PDF conversion to finalize your documents - fonts, colors, and styles are preserved all the way through the automation flow, which allows you to continue working on the resulting documents with ease. Documotor is way better with styles, sections, and layouts than the average Microsoft 365 user.

Export accessible PDF/UA compatible with screen readers

Export PDFs that are accessible to all audiences. Documotor can output PDFs that are tagged as PDF/UA. Let us help you accommodate ADA, Section 508, AODA, and the European accessibility act for your documents.

Easily release, or rollback, new updates with stages and versions

Improve and expand your templates, while still keeping them accessible to users with stages and versions. Test a new version in staging and promote it to production once you are satisfied to ensure smooth development of your automation setup.

Cloud, hybrid, or self-hosted deployment

Dive into Documotor with a flexible, ready-to-go cloud solution, or run it on-premise for maximum safety and control. Our experience with both methods will guarantee stellar performance either way.

Connect to external APIs to enrich data

Seamlessly integrate Documotor into any setup. Some integrations are ready out-of-the-box, but Documotor is just as easily fitted to any custom setup. Use connectors if your template request does not contain all relevant data, external data is easily fetched with Documotor’s connected services.

Fully distributed admin rights

Ensure that the right people have the right level of access at all times. Define global admins to control the large-scale features like deployments, integrations, and broad support.
Set up unit admins with access to template design and testing features without impacting other units. Each Documotor unit works on its own – so don’t worry about letting your team in.

Configure testing, staging, and release units

Create sandbox environments by splitting your Documotor organization tenant into units. Set up testing environments before large changes or use them as training grounds for new admins. Our backup/restore technology ensures that you can easily copy and move configurations between units/sandboxes.

Powerful and flexible data transformation language

A key component of Documotor is our powerful and flexible data transformation part of a template. Powered by the open source query language JMESPath, but extended with functionalities to support even the most cumbersome data restructuring.

Export examples directly as Postman snippets

Admins can easily export Postman snippets and share them with peers to let them know how generate content with Documotor.
This is just one of the ways we have simplified the implementation of document automation capabilities in 3rd party applications.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can tailor our solution to meet your specific business needs.