Simplifying Document Generation for Modern Businesses

In today's fast-paced business world, effective and efficient communication is paramount. Documents, from sales proposals to recruitment briefs, serve as vital couriers of information. At Documotor, we recognize the significance of these documents and have developed a solution that transforms the way organizations produce, customize, and manage the automation of the documents that matter.

Documotor is a document automation platform that allows any system or process to benefit from document generation. Documotor is both system and data-agnostic, meaning any system capable of transferring data can be used to automate documents.


A template is often a report or a presentation with placeholders to insert data when available. Any document that is missing variable data will do, but Documotor's value shines most in rule-based, data-intensive templates because it simplifies the creation of documents and guarantees the accuracy of data and consistency with brand guidelines. The places where data needs to be inserted are marked by well-defined placeholders.

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Data comes in many forms and structures, but Documotor's flexibility enables it to deal with any of them. A common data format is JSON, which is a widely supported standard for data transfer. Documotor allows you to use the data directly, and even perform processing inside Documotor to ensure that data fits your template.


Finally, the transformation is what enables formatting your unprocessed data into a structure that fits the provided template. With data transformations, you can easily do things like formatting dates to your preferred style, group products by their categories, or simplify complex data layers to handpick or merge particular details.

Why Documotor?

Simple Yet Powerful

Our platform is designed for simplicity without compromising on flexibility. Whether it's customizing a template or transforming data for a seamless fit, our platform's intuitive interface ensures a streamlined process.

Built for Scale

From a single document to thousands, Documotor ensures consistency, compliance, and brand alignment. Handle large document counts, various template output combinations, and maintain them with ease.

Integrated and Adaptive

We understand every business is unique. Our platform seamlessly integrates with a range of systems and data structures, allowing for effortless data input and document output.

Key Features

Intuitive Template Management

Using familiar office software formats, administrators can easily upload, customize, and preview templates with our WYSIWYG editor. Add bindings, set conditional displays, or craft repeating sections with a few clicks.

Efficient Data Transformation

Push your data, and let our platform do the rest. Our system identifies the right template, transforms your data to fit, and generates documents that meet your exact specifications.

Collaborative Approach

We're not just a software; we're your partner. We engage in discussions, planning, and strategy, ensuring you leverage our platform to its fullest potential.

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